Holiday Orders

Special days/holidays

** As of 12/1/20, we will begin allowing customers in our retail area but may limit the number of customers, due to our small retail space.  If you prefer, you may call and order ahead of your pickup.  Please contact us by phone.   We are able to process your credit card over the phone if you prefer.  We will make every effort to keep our website and our facebook page updated with our latest offerings or call us for details.  Feel free to wear a mask if you need to.  Our shop will keep shielding up for everyone's protection.   Thank you.

St. Patrick's Day is coming

Cupcake Flavors

All of our regular plus special ones coming


Only available at Christmas time:  

St. Patrick's Day cookies are here.

Thank you


Regular Cupcakes: $4.25

Mini Cupcakes: $2.25

Seasonal Shapes: $3.00

Ordering and Pickup

Please order asap as we have a limited capacity and our schedule is filling up.  

​Information to be forthcoming. Thank you

Ordering and Pickup

Please order asap as we will have a limited capacity and our schedule will be filling up.  

​We will be unable to individually bag items during this time.  Thank you

New Christmas Trees

Our new 3D Christmas Trees are the perfect edible centerpiece for your Holiday table! The large tree serves about 50, and stands 12.5" tall, with it's base cookie 8" wide. The small tree serves about 25, and stands 8.5" tall, with it's base cookie 6" wide.