Mini Cupcakes

Regular Price: $2.25

Custom Icing Color:

10 Cents Extra for One Color (dip or swirl)

20 Cents for Two Colors (dip & swirl)

Decorative Add-Ons:

10 Cents & Up (Includes Flowers, Writing, & Sugar Decorations)

Ordering Information

** As of 12/1/20, we will begin allowing customers in our retail area.  Due to Covid-19 and our small space, we ask that more than two customers are in the retail area at a time.   For order pickup and to place your holiday orders, please contact us by phone.   We are able to process your credit card over the phone, you may pick up your purchases in the store, or we will happily provide you with curbside service.  We will make every effort to keep our website and our facebook page updated with our latest offerings or call us for details.  As part of our efforts to stay safe, we will be wearing gloves and masks and ask our customers to wear masks as well.  Thank you.

Regular Size Cupcakes

Regular Price: $4.25

Custom Icing Colors and 

Decorative Add-Ons are an 

upcharge.  Call to discuss

details of your custom order. 

Jumbo Cupcake

Basic: $8.00

-dipped in icing or ganache with a swirl 

Specialty: $9.00 and Up

-hand iced with special colors




Regular Size:

Customizations like a special sprinkle mix or color(s) have a minimum of at least 12.

Mini Cupcakes:

Flavors other than Double Fudge and Party Cake require a minimum of 12 of each flavor.

Circle Sizes1.25"1.75"2"  2.25"2.5" 2.75"3"   
Tea Cookie (Dollop of Icing)$0.45$0.75$1.00$1.25---
Just Dipped w/ Sprinkles--$1.15$1.35$1.55$1.75$2.00
Dipped w/ Sprinkles & Rosebud--$1.30$1.50$1.70$1.90$2.10
Heart Sizes-2"2.25"2.5"2.75"3"3.25"
Just Dipped w/ Sprinkles-$1.00$1.20$1.40$1.60$1.80$2.00
Dipped w/ Sprinkles & Rosebud-$1.15$1.35$1.55$1.75$2.00$2.15

Circles & Hearts Pricing

Seasonal Cutout Cookies

$3.00 each

Custom Shapes

Most custom shapes start at $3.25 each, and come in only one size.


Cookie Orders & Pricing

Cupcake Orders & Pricing

Placing an order with us is easiest by giving us a call at 513.271.7444. You can also email us at It is always best to place an order as soon as possible, but we generally ask for at least a week's notice. Any changes to your order must be made at least 48 hours in advance. During busier times, like holidays and some weekends, we may book up earlier and need more advanced notice.


Custom cookie shapes must be ordered in quantities of at least 12 for each shape, not to exceed 2 shapes in an order.

During busier times, we may only be able to accommodate one shape per order.

​Details to be discussed upon ordering.